I had surgery

About 5 months ago, give or take a few days, I was rolled into the operating suite for my surgery. Lots of equipment. I’m in a silver surgical thing to keep me warm, with hot air circulating.

I had no idea what to expect.

Anesthesiologist told me I’d get three shots, and probably go to sleep after the second or third, and to let him know if I was still awake after the third.

I didn’t get a chance to react. He sticks the syringe into the IV, one shot, and blackness.

That was it. No out of body, no awareness…. until I found myself in a sepia toned alternate reality, a small farm house, and these characters gathered around my bed.

What the actual fuck? I’m in Wizard of Oz? I’m DOROTHY????

What the hell kinda hallucination is this? Where’s the snakes on the wall? Melting colors? It’s all BLACK AND WHITE! I feel kinda let down – I expected at least dragons….

Then I heard “Hold your breath, I’m pulling the tube”…. then I am in the intensive care room, and there’s the lion, the tin man, the wizard (who I figure was one of the doctors), and a few others in the background.

My daughter, Candice, can tell you more about their reactions to my waking up.

I have a vague memory of puking all over. I did warn them. “I’m gonna puke.”

Then I was asleep again.

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